HSE Teacher Welcome Letters

Starting on August 15th, you can login to Parent Portal to find out who your child's teacher is.  Once you know who the teacher is, you can find that teacher's welcome letter below.  If you have any questions about enrollment, please call the district office. 

Junior Kindergarten (supply list)
Ms. Gibbons   Ms. Jackson 

Kindergarten (supply list)
Mrs. Bailey     Mrs. Gieselman     Mrs. Noeker

First Grade (supply list)
Mrs. Olsen     Mrs. Short    Mrs. Swoyer

Second Grade (supply list)
Mrs. Davert     Mrs. Pinter     Mrs. Woodruff     Letter from Mrs. Bevel to last year's students

Third Grade (supply list)
Mrs. McGill-Anderson     Mrs. Murprhree     Mrs. Welling

Fourth Grade (supply list)
Mrs. Goodloe     Mrs. Long     Mrs. Voyer     Mrs. Dabrowska

Fifth Grade Welcome Letter and Supply List