Suggested School Supplies

Each student will be receiving a letter from his/her new teacher in the next couple of weeks.  With all of these letters, there is a suggested supply list.  We suggest waiting to buy your back to school supplies until you get these letters.  BUT, if you run across some great deals that are just too good to pass up, we invite you to go ahead and purchase those school supplies.  If those supplies are not on your child’s suggested supply list, consider donating them to our school.  We’ll make sure that they are used.

One particular item that is especially cheap at this time of year is notebooks.  Often, they are really cheap and have a limit on what can be purchased. If you'd like to, we suggest purchasing your limit and we would welcome any  donation of these notebooks.  Even buying them in bulk, we cannot find them as cheap as they are in stores during “Back to School” time.

VERY IMPORTANT FOR FOURTH GRADE STUDENTS - We have a student with a severe red dye allergy.  Because of this we ask that you not buy any pencils unless you can find these specific pencils in stores, or wish to purchase them online.  Also, when buying any coloring supplies, PLEASE ONLY PURCHASE CRAYOLA PRODUCTS as these are safe for this student to be around.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.