Extraordinary Blackhawk of the Month: Shawn VanSlambrouk

Congratulations to Shawn VanSlambrouk as this month's Extraordinary Blackhawk Award winner.  Shawn is the lead administrative assistant for the special education and preschool department.  Shawn was nominated by Lori Murphy for many reasons including:

·  Shawn has helped out the Precare program to watch preschool children (...6:30 a.m. or staying until the last child has been picked up at 5:30 p.m).

·  She has 'stepped in' many times to watch a child who may be having discipline issues.

·  She is a computer and IPAD technology 'wiz'...she is able to think outside of the box in order to help her fellow staff members.

·  Shawn took it upon herself to help decorate our new preschool wing.

·  Shawn donated her Lions' tickets to an adult transition student that loves the Lions but had never been to a game.

·  There are many stories that were shared demonstrating Shawn's dedication, her caring approach and her willingness to go above and beyond for staff and students.

Shawn, we cannot thank you enough for all that you do!!!
ShawnV 1