BPA Rakes in the Hardware at Regional Competition!

It was a banner day for the Brandon High School Business Professionals of America student leadership organization as a school-record number of students qualified for the state competition in Grand Rapids. 

"I am so proud of our students," gushed Brandon's longtime BPA sponsor Keri Leslie. "They worked so hard and they have seen the benefits. We are looking forward to the state competition."

BPA SBM Team 5
Team Events

Small Business Management Team (1st place): Kylie Claxton, Zoe Cooney, Noah Cox, Sydney Leslie

Administrative Support Team (2nd place): Bailey Bumstead, Cole Jaworowski, CiCi Langegger, Jennifer Smith

Web Site Design Team (2nd place): Joe DeLauder, Ella Mannino

Individual Events

Personal Financial Management: Elijah Buell (1st place), Adam Cox (4th place)

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures: Jennifer Smith (1st place)

Business Law & Ethics: Adam Cox (1st place)

Human Resource Management: Elijah Buell (3rd place), Ella Mannino (4th place), Kylie Claxton (5th place)

Banking & Finance: Noah Cox (3rd place), Antonio Basirico (4th place)

Graphic Design Promotion: Bailey Bumstead (3rd place)

Medical Office Procedures: Gracie Hines (4th place)

Administrative Support Concepts: Jennifer Smith (4th place)