Update on 3% Michigan Teacher Settlement

This is a quick note for any staff that worked as a Brandon School District employee between July of 2010 and September of 2012.  Based on the settlement of the recent lawsuit, the State will be refunding the 3% that was paid into the retirement system by these employees.  The money will be returned to the districts who will ultimately be responsible for managing the reimbursements to staff.  While we are waiting for more instructions and answers to a variety of questions, we want you to know that the district is on-top of this and plans to process the reimbursements as quickly as possible once the State makes the money available to the districts.  In the meantime, please see the link below for information provided by the State.  We will share more information as it becomes available.

If you no longer work in the Brandon District and need to update your contact information, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the relevant personal information.

Current timeline of repayment:
January 10th: We receive the list of Brandon contributors from the state.
January 22nd: We receive the funds from the state.
February 28th: We issue the refunds in a separate pay via direct deposit.

We will update this article as new information becomes available.