Extraordinary Blackhawk of the Month--Brad Zube

Please join me in congratulating Coach Brad Zube as this month's Extraordinary Blackhawk!  Coach Zube teaches PE and student support at the high school, but he is especially being recognized for his outstanding work as our high school football coach.  While the success of the program has been impressive in his three year tenure (22-5 record, first play-off win in 20 years, first ever Flint Metro championship for Brandon and....), his true success is reflected in the boys that are in and have gone through the program. 

He sets high expectations, he helps the boys focus their priorities (school and family first), he helps support their futures, he helps them through challenges and so much more.  He loves his boys (all of them) and they know it.  As we see this program grow and flourish, the district is very thankful for Coach Zube's leadership and his commitment to boys in the football program.   Thank you to Coach Zube, and all of our coaches, for everything that you do to support our classroom teachers and for making such a positive difference in the lives of Brandon students.  It is greatly appreciated!!!