Message From the Brandon Board of Education

February 15, 2023          

Dear Brandon Community,

In an effort to fill the Superintendent position, the Brandon Board of Education has given substantial thought and consideration to determining the best route to finding the most fitting candidate.  Our search, over the last school year, provided opportunities for feedback on the nature of qualities that the board, staff, and stakeholders are seeking in a leader.

We were pleased to learn that our Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Carly Stone, is interested in the Superintendent position.  Mrs. Stone has a wide range of professional experiences in the field of education. She has a broad background that spans across multiple levels from the classroom to central office. Mrs. Stone started her position in Brandon two and a half years ago and has deeply integrated herself into our school community. She has worked closely with the board to keep us abreast of data and how it relates to curriculum. Mrs. Stone continually seeks ways to improve instructional methods to reach district goals. Mrs. Stone’s warm and friendly interpersonal skills with our staff, families, and students has established an atmosphere of trust and enthusiasm.

Following a recent board meeting, in which her name was provided as showing interest in the superintendency, the board received several communications which showed recommendation and support for Mrs. Stone. Mrs. Stone is approachable and accessible to anyone that seeks her out for further clarification.  She has made great strides in our literacy programs, planned valuable professional development for educators, and implemented high quality curriculum. Mrs. Stone has also provided stability in our district over the past two years throughout multiple transitions.

We are looking forward to our interview with Mrs. Stone next week, Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 6:30 pm in the Central Office board room.  Many of you may be familiar with Mrs. Stone and are already prepared to provide input. We encourage you to use this link to do so at this time.  If you will be joining virtually or in person on the 21st, all input must be submitted immediately following the interview so it may be reviewed during our recess prior to reconvening for a decision that evening. 

The Brandon Board of Education,


Rebecca Haynes, Hilary Stockoski, Jeff Zielke, Kim Smith-Kulaga, Lisa Kavalhuna,

Herb Robinson, Jane Derry-Burkett