Upgrading Aquatics Program

The Brandon School District is considering a partnership with Aqua Club to significantly improve the programming and opportunities for Brandon students. Below you will find documents and links that provide information about Aqua Club and what the program would be offering to the Brandon School District. Additional information will also be provided in this week's Citizen. Five reasons we believe a partnership with Aqua Club is good for Brandon include:

  1. Highly qualified, experienced experts - They possess the highly qualified, experienced experts that we need to maximize the potential of our pool.
  2. Huge upgrade in youth offerings - They offer classes and swim opportunities that are far superior to what we have offered for the youth of the community. This would be a significant upgrade to our youth programming.
  3. Great reputation and references - Aqua Club is highly recommended and is flourishing in each of the school districts that they have partnerships with.
  4. Community aspects preserved - As is codified in our agreement, the Aqua Club partnership does not abandon the community aspect of the pool. Open swim times, adult and senior classes will remain an important part of the daily operations of the aquatic center.
  5. Fiscally responsible - Through this partnership, the school district is able to offer a significantly improved product at a reduced costs for the school district.

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