Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance

209 Ortonville Road
Ortonville, MI 48462

Case Worker: Ragen Rockwell
Secretary: Mary Stayton
Phone: (248) 627-1800 (1717)
Fax: (248) 627-8952

BGYA Board

Executive Board
President Bob McArthur
Vice-President Jane Derry-Burkett
Treasuer Lynette Kelley
Secretary Judy Miracle


Board of Directors
Candee Allen
Patti Back
Scott Broughton
Liz Edwards
Fran Hotchkiss
Matt Jenkins
Jayson Rumball
Mary Stayton
Shelby Steward
Diane Zedan


Camp/Skill Building Mary Stayton
Olweus Bullying Prevention Judy Miracle, Matt Jenkins
Parent Education Fran Hotchkiss, Kim Landry
Public Relations Shelby Stewart
School Liaison Diane Zedan
Village Liaison Liz Edwards
Volunteer Recruitment Jane Derry-Burkett
Youth Recognition Fran Hotchkiss, Jeanie McCreery
Youth Liaison Kanan Early
Youth Liaison Delaney Sebring

7 Volunteers

Our board has several programs in progress; Bullying Prevention, Child Abuse and Autism Awareness, Challenge Day at the High School, Skill Building for at-risk students, Youth Recognition, Summer Camp, Emergency Cards for all students, scholarships for all types of sports programs, family educations programs, and tutoring classes for all ages.

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